Readers’ Theatre

January 15, 2023!

Amazons and their Men
by Jordan Harrison

Directed by Beatriz Esteban-Messina

The Frau used to direct beautiful films for a fascist government. Now she’s trying to make a film that’s simply beautiful. The Frau casts herself in the lead role of the Amazon queen Penthesilea, who falls in love with Achilles on the battlefield of the Trojan War. She recruits a man from the Jewish ghetto to play her Achilles. Her own sister, a long-suffering extra, plays all the nameless Amazons killed in the background. With chariot crashes and adoring close-ups, it all has the makings of a glamorous war. But when telegrams start to arrive from the Minister of Propaganda, it becomes impossible for the Frau to ignore the real war outside her soundstage. A darkly comedic look at the role of artists during wartime, Amazons and Their Men is inspired by the life and work of Leni Riefenstahl.

Janna Epstein as The Frau
Deke Stoklosa as The Man
Katherine Reardon as The Extra
Mitchell Torres as The Boy

All performances will be held at:
47 Erie Place, Nutley, NJ

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