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April 12th – 27th

A modern day adaptation of the classic French play “Le Mariage De Figaro”.

In the French Court of 1778. In the build up to the French revolution two young court workers Figaro and Suzzane, the steward and the lady’s maid, are engaged, betrothed, and affianced. And the only thing stopping their matrimony is the need for the Count’s seal of approval on their wedding certificate. But the wealthy residents of this Chateau have other desires in mind.

The Count, bored by his wife the Countess, seeks to force Suzzane to be his lover in exchange for signing the wedding papers. And the cunning Marceline wants to sabotage the wedding all together so she can claim the young and attractive Figaro for herself.

The Countess schemes to regain her wayward husband’s attention. While Dr Bartholo and the music teacher Bazile scheme to take down Figaro for their own petty grievances. And all the while the young Cherubin is caught by the Count for being in a love affair with the gardener’s daughter and for flirting with the Countess and now the Count seeks the boy’s head.

Each wealthy patron of this house believes themself to be the master trickster of this comedic play. But it is up to our working-class characters to survive the noble schemes and manage to come out on top and with their heads still on their necks.

This adaptation of the classic French play takes this classic story of the workers getting one over on the rich and updates its wordplay, irony, and farcical scenes to be more compatible with modern comedic sensibilities.



Figaro – Gabe Michelson

Suzanne – Melanie Tischler

Count Almaviva – Jim Simpson

Countess Almaviva (Rosine) – Anne Kenny Simpson

Doctor Bartholo – Allen Roberts

Marceline – Tara Spinelli

Fanchette – Asuka Kimara

Cherubin/Doublemain – Diana Severin

Bazile/Antonio/Bridoison – Nelson Valentin

Performances will be April 12th– 27th

4/12, 13, 19, 20, 25, 26 & 27 at 8:00 p.m.

4/14, 21 & 27 at 2:00 p.m.

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Written and directed by NLT’s very own Joe Thayer

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After a house party, two teens contemplate the universe, avoiding the happenings of last night. They agree to have one last cup of coffee before they face a new reality. A last moment of teenage innocence ended abruptly.

“Before You Go”, written and directed by our very own Joe Thayer and winner of several independent film festival awards, is this month’s feature NLTFLIX!

We encourage everyone to check out Joe’s work and support him and NLT!

“Before You Go” can be seen video on demand.


bent poster art

In 1934 Berlin on the eve of The Night of the Long Knives, Max, a grifter and his lover, Rudy spend a night of debauchery with an SS trooper. After soldiers burst into their apartment, Max and Rudy become desperate and go on the run.  Max and Rudy flee Berlin and seek out the assistance from Max’s Uncle Freddie for help, which he reluctantly provides. Freddie “helps” him by telling Max how to live, as he does, practicing homosexuality on the side and forgoing his lover, Rudy.  Unable to do so, Max and Rudy continue to flee until…

Attempting their escape amidst tragedy, Max encounters Horst, another homosexual prisoner as they are transported to the death camp in Dachau. Max and Horst hope to survive with each other for comfort and courage.  Only time will tell. Will their love survive? Will they survive? Can true love transform, even in HELL!


MAX – Brandon Conti 

HORST – Nick Westemeyer 

RUDY – Zachary Conner 

WOLF – Gabe Michelson 

GRETA – Aaron Drill 

UNCLE FREDDIE – Patrick Horan 

CAPTAIN – Nat Gennace 

OFFICER – John Fraissinet 


June 14, 15, 21, 22, 27, 28 & 29 at 8:00pm
June 16, 23 & 29 at 2:00pm


**This show is not suitable for children. 

**This show contains strong language, depictions of homophobia, violence, explicit sexual acts, depictions of the Holocaust, herbal cigarette smoking, and gun shot sound effects. 

We Thank You For Your Support!