directed by George Seylaz

Sunday, January 9th, @4pm & Monday January 10th, @7pm. Callbacks Saturday January 15th, @3pm-5pm.

PERFORMS:  April 8, 9,15, 16, 21, 22, 23 @8pm & April 10, 17, 23, @2pm

SYNOPSIS:  It’s 1950 and new colors are being added to the Red Scare.  Two US State Department employees, Bob and Norma, have been tasked with identifying sexual deviants within their ranks.  There’s just one problem, both Bob and Norma are gay and have married each other’s partners as a carefully constructed cover.  Inspired by the true story of the earliest stirrings of the American gay rights movement, madcap classic sitcom-style laughs give way to provocative drama as two “All-American” couples are forced to stare down the closet door.

“As hiding gets harder, pitch-perfect comedy ensues: slamming doors, strange disguises, preposterous excuses….Eventually, the four must decide whether face-saving domestic lies are worth it, or whether ostracism beats living in fear. In our own era of surveillance and paranoia, their mid-century problems don’t feel so far away.” – The New Yorker

BREAKDOWN:  (This is a general breakdown)

–           BOB MARTINDALE: Male  (30s-40s)

Reserved, works for the State Dept in DC. A solid man’s man. Good-humored and well-mannered. “Married” to Millie but secretly in a relationship with Jim Baxter.

–           MILLIE MARTINDALE: Female  (late 20s-30s)

Bob’s “wife” – but secretly in a relationship with Norma Baxter. Plays “The dizzy wife” when people are in the house, but actually very quick-witted and observant. Smart enough to maintain the act. 

–           NORMA BAXTER: Female  (30s)

The knowing, efficient, classy dame. Bob’s secretary at the State Department who could just as easily be Secretary of State. A smart woman who’s great with a wisecrack and level-headed in a bind.

“Married”: to Jim but secretly in a relationship with Millie Martindale.

–           JIM BAXTER: Male  (20s-30s)

Norma’s husband but secretly in a relationship with Bob Martindale. A prankster type, always ready with a comeback. A high school teacher with lots of energy. A little wired, good with a plan.

–           THEODORE SUNDERSON: Male  (40s-50s)

The boss. Bombastic, loud, a little overbearing. A patriotic windbag.

–           KITTY SUNDERSON: Female  (40s)

Ted’s wife. Legitimately ditzy. Her brain seems to work on a totally different wavelength than the rest of the world. Very sweet, and very genuine.

–           BARBARA GRANT: Female  (40s)

 No-nonsense, poised, beautiful, brilliant, cultured, woman of color. Works for the government as a translator.  In the past she taught college English/Literature, she had an affair with her then student Millie. A formidable opponent.


Sides will be available at the theatre on the audition dates.


Full Read Thru (may be in person if a space is available otherwise will be via zoom) : Wednesday January 26th – 7:30pm. 

We will be having a handful of virtual rehearsals to start off via zoom. 

Dates (subject to change) are as follows :

Sunday January 30th (time tbd)

Monday January 31st (time tbd)

Wednesday February 9th (7pm)

Tuesday February 15th (7pm)

In person rehearsals will begin at the theatre beginning :

Monday February 28th.  

*PLEASE NOTE – BOB, JIM, NORMA AND MILLIE and BARBARA are all LGBT characters and will require some level of same-sex intimacy (touching, hugging, kissing in accordance with current COVID regulations.)


PLEASE NOTE: (based on Equity and CDC guidelines)

Performers must be vaccinated to participate.

The director and creative team are vaccinated against COVID-19.

Proof of Vaccination will be asked for at the in person auditions by the Audition Proctor.

Masks are to be worn in the lobby of the theater, but may be removed during the audition.