PAST SEASON 1981-1990

1981-1982 The Importance of Being Ernest Vicky Chalk-Little
Done to Death Ed DeSimon
Shadow Play / We Were Dancing Lin Cort / Bob Pace
Bedroom Farce Linda DeSimon
Sticks and Stones John Loan
Who’s Life Is It Anyway Gail Rog
The Boys in The Band Lee Guest-Moore
1982-1983 Final Dress Rehearsal Linda DeSimon, Camille Grupy
Bad Habits Jack DeVries
Dracula Lin Cort
Lou Gehrig Did Not Die of Cancer / Black Comedy Jack DeVries / Betty Rovell
A Community of Two Joyce Getting
The Best Man Alex Oleksij
Fifth of July Gail Rog
Catch Me If You Can Vicky Chalk-Little
1983-1984 Tribute Betty Rovell
Play On Joyce Getting
Haunted House / The Restaurant David Bimbi / Lin Weber Cort
Mass Appeal Jack DeVries
Father's Day Heath C.A. Stanwhyck
Table Settings William Perry Morgan
Hot L Baltimore Lee Guest-Moore
1984-1985 The Robbery Lin Weber-Cort
Detective Story Gail Rog-White
Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Lee Guest-Moore
Barefoot in The Park Vicky Chalk-Little
The Children's Hour Joyce Getting
Crimes of The Heart Ray Dreeman
Suddenly Last Summer / The Garden Heath C.A. Stanwhyck
Musical Revue Betty Rovell
1985-1986 Beyond Therapy Lee Moore
University Joyce Babick
A Child's Christmas in Wales / The Lost Christmas Stewart O'Hara / Lee Guest Moore
Laundry & Bourbon at the Lone Star Café Alex Olexsij
Night of January 16th Ray Dreeman
The Gingerbread Lady Ray Dreeman
Supporting Cast Heath C.A. Stanwhyck
1986-1987 The Male Animal Alex Olexsij
The Runner Stumbles Joyce Getting
Castle in the Village / Never No Third Degree Stewart Ohara / Jay Montgomery
A Taste of Honey Heath C.A. Stanwhyck
Romantic Comedy Ray Dreeman
Summertree Betty Rovell
Cloud Nine Lee Moore
1987-1988 The Ugly Duckling Jennifer Prewitt
Jacques Brel William Perry Morgan
The Odd Couple Alex Olexsij
The Great Sebastians Jay Montgomery
Story Theater Joyce Getting
Wash, Cut & Kill Ray Dreeman
Gemini Peter Coston
1988-1989 Biloxi Blues William Perry Morgan
Nuts Dan Magno
Geniuses Mike Magnifico
Loot Peter Coston
Antigone George Winship
Daughters Lee Guest-Moore
1989-1990 Lovers and Other Strangers Vicky Little and Linda DeSimon
Glengarry Glen Ross Marty Wilde
All My Sons Penny Potenz-Winship
Baby With The Bathwater Mike Magnifico
A Girl's Guide to Chaos Peter Coston
Fool for Love George Winship
1990-1991 The Taming of The Shrew Joyce Getting
Talking With Eleven Extraordinary Women Penny Potenz-Winship
American Buffalo Peter Coston
Waiting for Godot George Winship
Steel Magnolias Heath Stanwhyck
Public Ear, Private Eye Ray Kempner