PAST SEASON 1971-1980

1971-1972 Lovers and Other Strangers Gretchen Johnson, Ron Haskell
Alice in Wonderland NA
The Glass Menagerie Gail Rog
1972-1973 Plaza Suite Marlene Cocchiola
Rumplestiltskin NA
The Fantastiks Bob Molloy
1973-1974 Forty Carats Tony Betta
Aladdin / Magic Lamp Patty Andriola
Last of the Red Hot Lovers Bob Bielecki
1974-1975 Mary, Mary Tony Betta
Pinnochio Tony Betta
House of Blue Leaves Bob Bielecki
1975-1976 The Prisoner of Second Avenue Sharon Baumann
The Wizard of Oz Gabriel Getting
1976-1977 6 Rooms Riv Vu Tony Betta
Jack and the Beanstalk Tony Betta
1977-1978 You Can't take It With You Sharon Baumann
The first full season in The Valient / Sorry, Wrong Number Leon Hoffman / Alex Oleksji
The Cleanest Room in The West NA
The Fabulous Fable Factory Lee Guest-Moore
The Odd Couple Alex Oleksji
A Thousand Clowns Bob Molloy
1978-1979 Butterflies are Free Brian Bellogg
Stretchin-A-Miracle NA
A Child's Christmas in Wales Lee Guest-Moore
Inherit The Wind Alex Oleksji
Waiting for Godot Bob Molloy
Don't Drink The Water Vicky Chalk-Little
Overtones / Curse You Jack Dalton Lee Guest-Moore / Joyce Getting
1980-1981 Play It Again Sam Vicky Chalk-Little
The Murder Room Mark Malanga
The Moon Shines On Kylenamoe / Bed Time Story Bob Pace / Linda DeSimon
Equus John Loan
Of Mice and Men Guy Tiene
Uncommon Women and Others Ed DeSimon, Mark Malanga
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Gail Rog