Five Women Wearing the Same Dress
By Alan Ball
Directed by Alex Oleksij

Audition dates: Sunday, Feb. 11 & Monday, Feb. 12 at 7:30 pm, both nights.
Call backs will be Tuesday, Feb. 13, also at 7:30 pm. (Casting will probably be done at the call backs, so all auditioning should be prepared to attend.) The show will run for ten performances April 13 through April 28.

Written by Alan Ball, (creator of Six feet Under and screenwriter of American Beauty,) Five Women is a comedy/drama which takes place the day of the wedding of a woman named Tracy. The five women of the title are Tracy’s friends and relatives who are serving as her five bridesmaids, though in truth, none of them like her much. During the course of the play these five discover secrets and truths about themselves and each other. The play takes place in the Knoxville, Tennessee in 1993.

Needed: 5 women and 1 man for the following roles:

• MEREDITH: (early 20s) Tracy’s younger sister, she is smart, passionate, resentful of Tracy, and blunt of speech. Outwardly, she is very tough; inwardly she is very sensitive, Meredith is very angry at the world. The reason for her anger is revealed in the course of the play.
• FRANCES: (early 20s) Tracy’s cousin. A devout Christian but not as stodgy as she first appears. She thinks very highly of herself but wants everyone to like her. Withal, she is very naïve and very sweet.
• GEORGEANNE: (30s) Tracy’s sidekick in high school, she is overweight, obsessed with her weight, smart and cynical, stuck in an unhappy marriage, and pines for the “bad boy” who got away.
• MINDY: (30s) Sister of the groom and Tracy’s new sister-in-law. She is a lesbian who is out at a time when that wasn’t so usual. Has a good sense of humor. She is described as tall and lean, often clumsy, but can very graceful when she chooses to be. (The role was originated by Alison Janney.)
• TRISHA: (30s) Striking and glamourous, a woman who knows how to be beautiful; once Tracy’s best friend. A woman with many sexual encounters in her past, outwardly she is poised and confident; inwardly she struggles with uncertainties. Good at standing up for others, but tends to run away when she herself is under emotional pressure. Is very attracted to Tripp, but afraid to show it lest she be hurt.
• TRIPP: (late 20s) Mindy’s cousin, a groomsman, he is good-looking, good at reading people, good sense of humor, very secure within himself, and basically a really cool guy. Is very attracted to Trisha and may be her soul mate.

Actors who wish sides prior to the auditions may contact the director at

Auditions will be held at: Nutley Little Theatre, 47 Erie Pl, Nutley, NJ